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 Strategic Management and Issue Resolution Consulting for Primary Care Organizations

  Integrating Prediabetes and Overfat Services into a Primary Care Organization

Information Uncover was established in Houston, TX over twenty years ago. We are a strategic management consulting company. We help a primary care organization resolve strategic issues, establish internal objectives, and integrate patient-centered, value-based, evidence-based processes into the organization. The two processes we focus on support prediabetes and overfat treatment services. 

Prediabetes is a condition characterized by a blood glucose level that is higher than normal, but not high enough to be called diabetes. Emphasis on diabetes prevention should start when a person is diagnosed with prediabetes. We define overfat as excess, harmful body fat. Overfat includes obesity, overweight, and belly fat. Overfat should be addressed to reduce the risks for a number of diseases.

We focus on prediabetes and overfat to help an organization improve patient health and lower costs. We continually monitor research and investigate business opportunities associated with prediabetes and overfat. We can help a primary care organization make timely decisions concerning prediabetes and overfat services. And we can help the organization establish objectives and measurements for the processes that enable the organization to deliver those services.

We continually examine the healthcare environment to gain clinical and business insight pertinent to prediabetes and overfat. Examining the environment, especially an organization's external environment, to gain insight is often called environmental scanning and analysis. We use our analysis results to help identify actions an organization might take to seize opportunities and avoid threats.

In the past, we concentrated on the aerospace industry, the computer industry, the air bag industry, and the healthcare industry. Several years ago, we began applying our expertise exclusively to the overfat segment of the healthcare industry. And later, we added diabetes prevention to our focus. We bring extensive strategic-information analysis experience to these healthcare industry segments.

The overfat and diabetes prevention segments of the healthcare industry include organizations that offer non-surgical medical programs employing diet, exercise, behavior modification, and medication to achieve weight loss or better glucose management. However, the overfat and diabetes prevention healthcare segments are influenced by organizations that perform bariatric or metabolic surgery, because bariatric or metabolic surgery could be an option a healthcare provider might need to present to a patient. And if prediabetes progresses to type 2 diabetes, bariatric or metabolic surgery might again be an option worthy of consideration. We therefore monitor bariatric and metabolic surgical research and issues.

We, at Information Uncover, access and evaluate prediabetes and overfat related information on an ongoing basis. We read extensively, participate in prediabetes and overfat related events, and talk with overfat medicine and prediabetes experts. We perform these activities so that we can offer clients the best in prediabetes and overfat information analysis for strategy formulation, decision making, and issue resolution.

Here are some of the things we can do: We can help an organization integrate prediabetes and overfat processes into the organization. We can work with an organization to determine which competitors, and other environmental forces, might affect the organization's success. We can help an organization establish internal objectives. And we can help an organization resolve strategic issues.

In summary, we focus on the prediabetes and overfat segments of the healthcare industry. We help a primary care organization better navigate the segments. We help the organization integrate prediabetes and overfat healthcare services into the organization. We help the organization resolve issues and establish objectives. 


For over ten years, we have sponsored an overfat industry related blog. We recently started adding articles on prediabetes. In the blog articles, we talk mostly about items associated with the prediabetes and overfat segments of the healthcare industry. The blog articles include clinical and business oriented topics. In the blog articles, we often highlight environmental issues or strategic or tactical actions that a primary care organization might consider in its strategic management. 

The book, Business Intelligence Using Smart Techniques: Environmental Scanning Using Text Mining and Competitor Analysis Using Scenarios and Manual Simulation, Revised Edition, demonstrates some of our analysis methods. Excerpts from reviews of this book's first edition are shown on this site under the menu item, Book Information. Additional information about the book can be accessed by going to Amazon.com.

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